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How to download ??
Published on January 15, 2012 By amitsaran In Help

My Object Desktop subscription expired in July 2011, at that time Impulse was used to install all the programs.

Also there was an option of downloading and archiving the software in Impulse as a .Impulse file,

now when i try to install the archived files through Impulse(GameStop), it does'nt install the programs.

Recently i read this post about downloading your programs through the Stardock Store, but over there i

don't see any of the Object Desktop programs.

I know that once the subscription is over you don't recieve updates but atleast can use the older versions

of the software previously installed ... now how can i download and install them without using Impulse ??

please help.

thnx in advance !

on Jan 15, 2012

First, I'd contact support and ask what's up.

Then if that's solved:

I would copy my skins from where they currently are (docks, wba's, etc.) to another location and rename that big file whatever.bak, first.

I would uninstall what I currently have using impulse. Then run CCleaner or Wise Registry Cleaner. Reboot.

Then install (making a copy, external) from the store.


on Jan 15, 2012

If you haven't already, email support and we'll see if we can do anything.

on Jan 15, 2012

thanks doc. n Zubaz ...

on Jan 15, 2012

Welcome Amit.

on Jan 15, 2012

this did'nt help me out ....

contacted da support n wateva i got is still da same ...

maybe i shall post a few screenshots without the serials.

on Jan 15, 2012

Give support a liitle more time to work on it, it is the weekend.

on Jan 15, 2012

I'm drinking beer and watching football.  Expect no miricles until Monday morning.

on Jan 18, 2012

thank you Zubaz , you have a pm !

I am unable to install Impulse now [e digicons]:'([/e]


on Jan 18, 2012

There's no need to use Impulse.

For now, you should access your registrations and download links for standalone installers by logging in with your Stardock account here:

For information on our upcoming downloader please see:


on Jan 19, 2012

thanks so much for the help

saw brad's post about the new client, it's indeed cool !!