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please help
Published on October 30, 2009 By amitsaran In Help
I recently installed a clean copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) on my notebook. Then installed all available updates through Windows Update. Then installed Impulse and the following- Window Blinds7 Deskscapes LogonStudio Icon Packager5 Skin Studio7 Fences And seem to have nothing working correct except for the Deskscapes !! WB7 not applying themes, neither IP 5 or LogonStudio seem to work, Also not getting any kinda error messages. Please help !!
on Oct 30, 2009

I had the same thing happen on my computer. How I fixed it:

Open Impulse. Unistall WB and reboot. Run a cleaner, like CCleaner. Reboot. Open Impulse, install WB, but instead of rebooting, click "RUN" in the bottom right hand corner. It should (keep your fingers crossed) apply.


Do the exact same for the rest. That's how I did it. Hope that helps.

on Oct 30, 2009

thanks Z71, Hope it works for me the same way !!