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Published on July 26, 2009 By amitsaran In Help

When using Windows Blinds, the 'Create , Edit and Sky and Fog buttons' in Bryce6 get permanently covered by the skin as shown in the screenshot and im unable to use them.

The screenshot here shows 'Diamond' but it happens like this with all other WB Skins, though it works normal with default Vista Aero skin.

Any Bryce6 user who has the same problem or anyone having a solution to this?

Help much appreciated !!

on Jul 26, 2009

The only quick fix I can think of is open WindowBlinds Configuration and click Setting.  Under settings select change the look of an app and don't have WB skin bryce6.

Someone will come along that uses bryce6 and probably give a better solution.

on Jul 26, 2009

Nope, that's the only solution is to not skin Bryce at all. It's not functional at all when it's skinned.

Well figured out Philly!

on Jul 26, 2009

I concur with the above....

on Jul 26, 2009

Are you able to provide a screenshot of how it looks with Aero?

on Jul 26, 2009

Hey Neil, I think it is completely a Bryce thing, this happens when try to skin on XP also.

on Jul 26, 2009

The final solution, as with all 3D apps ive tried, is to exclude it from being skinned.

on Jul 27, 2009

thank you all for your replies, by not skinning it, it appears as Windows Classic style and works fine.